From the Vault – Light Show and Dance

WCPR’s Light Show and Dance (or Dance and Light Show) was a Stevens institution for years, and we’ve still got some of the old posters lying around the archives. They’re a great time capsule for a few reasons:

1) The hand-drawn art is pretty fantastic; today’s event posters are all computer-made and lack a certain je ne sais quois.

img0102013-08-10 004

2) WCPR used to charge entrance fees for parties, which is no longer done. And the fees are pretty reasonable, even for 70’s and 80’s prices.


3) The discounted ticket prices for females show that some things never change – the Ratio is as much a frustration today as it was back then, so WCPR members took it upon themselves to incentivize the fairer sex to attend.


A bonus – here’s a Stute article describing the full-sensory experience of one of the Dance and Light Shows from the 70’s.


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