The WCPR Outstanding Performance Award (WOPA) is a scholarship set up by WAA to recognize WCPR active members who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Scholarship Details

The WCPR Outstanding Performance Award will be bestowed yearly upon the active WCPR member who:
•     Has completed three (3) semesters as an active member of WCPR according to WCPR’s Constitution and Bylaws
•     Has a minimum GPA of 2.66
•     Leads and inspires other members of WCPR
•     Is always willing to help, even with WCPR activities that are not part of their assigned duties
•     Is welcoming, approachable, and inclusive
•     Excels with all station activities that they are involved in
•     Exemplifies selfless giving for WCPR

Candidates are submitted by the general body, vetted by the WCPR Executive Board and the WCPR Alumni Association officers, and submitted to the Office of Student Life for selection.

Further details are available here (PDF format).

Funding status

The WOPA scholarship is fully funded! Thank you to everyone who donated! We are still accepting donations if you are still interested in supporting WOPA.

Suggested Donation Levels

$40 – Sporty Forty – Named for an old nickname for WCPR during the time it broadcasted on 740 AM

$127 – Initial Broadcast – Named for the initial broadcast date, 12/7/1959

$320 – 320 kbps Level – Named for the highest quality Internet stream WCPR provides, 320 kilobits per second

$740 – 740AM Frequency Level – Named for the 740 AM broadcast frequency, one of several that WCPR used over the years, and its best-known.

$1,959 – Founder’s Level Named for the first year that WCPR’s predecessor (WSRN) was formed, which was 1959.

How to Donate

Donations to WOPA are now easier than ever:

  • In your web browser, go to
  • Select WCPR Endowed Scholarship Fund.
  • Enter the amount you wish to donate and click Add Donation, then fill out the payment details and click Donate Now at the bottom of the page.


Questions about WOPA can be sent via email to scholarship[at]