7 comments on “From the Vault – Top Hits of 1969

  1. Notes to Matt: The “Notify me of comments/posts” lines are impossible to read against the background.
    Also, on the “About us” page, “station” is misspelled “statio”.
    It would be cool to see a pic of the revised record library shelves, fwiw….

  2. Thanks Ron! I’m looking into the Notify Me text issue. I’m not seeing the “statio” misspelling, can you give me the sentence I’m looking for?
    And I’ll ask the undergrads for a photo of the new shelves.

  3. We got the typo, and also figured out the color scheme problem for the comments form. How many engineers does it take to spot a config radio button on a website? Turns out it’s 4.
    And I’ve got our top man looking for the back of that survey sheet.

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