WCPR turns 57! Plus, what’s the deal with updates?

Hello all! WAA President Mike Bocchinfuso checking in here.

First off, a very happy 57th birthday to our favorite college radio station! A big thanks to everyone who’s been a meaningful part of the history of WCPR, as well as those friends, family, and supporters who showed their solidarity with the station in some way. To all the audio wizards, cabinet builders, last-minute mobile unit DJs, record library sorters, impromptu interviewers, cable untanglers, and more who have all left their mark on the history of the station…we salute you!

As you know, this year the WCPR Outstanding Performance Award scholarship became self-aware…I mean…was able to be awarded this year, and is actually currently in the closing stages of being awarded for a second time. The students in the running are all very qualified and dedicated to the station, so it will definitely be a tough choice. As I always say, we could not have done this without the amazing show of support from our excellent alumni. We’ve got the best alumni, don’t we, folks?

Next off, since it’s seemed a bit quiet on the website front – we’ve been trying to streamline and integrate our various media presences so the website updates get pushed through to our social media presence uniformly. It was no small feat but a major round of applause goes to Matt Keyser for fixing that!

Now, what’s in store for 2017? Besides the lights going out on Broadway per the prophecy of Billy Joel, of course.

We’re going to be ramping up efforts to document WCPR’s history under the leadership of our Historian, Derek Ives. Current station Publicity Manager Emma Murphy actually reached out to us with the great idea of putting together a timeline of members and Derek will be working with some other WCPR alumni to help them see this project through.

Our Events Coordinator Stan Switalski has got some events in the works for 2017 as well – make sure you save the date of Saturday January 21, since we’ll be doing our first movie night of the year then – plus a few ideas for other events are in the works that we think you’ll enjoy.

Oh, yeah – in case you’re not on the WCPR Alumni Association mailing list, you can sign up at this link.

As always, thank you for your support of the WCPR Alumni Association. And in honor of the station’s birthday, here’s a little throwback:

“Onward and upward, with maximum music – WCPR Hoboken!”

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