Constitution of the WCPR Alumni Association

I               NAME
II             OBJECTIVE
IV            OFFICERS
VI             ELECTIONS
IX             AMENDMENTS


This organization shall be known as the WCPR Alumni Association (WAA).



WAA is formed to establish, maintain, and cultivate among its members a sentiment of regard for one another and of attachment to WCPR (the Station), as well as current WCPR members, and members of the Stevens Alumni Association (SAA). Additionally, WAA is tasked with stewarding the WCPR Outstanding Performance Award (WOPA), keeping an accurate catalog of the history of the Station, as well as provide the current station members with a source of knowledge and information.



Section 1.       All former undergraduate and graduate members of the Station who have graduated shall be Active Members of WAA.
Section 2.       All other persons may become Active Members under the procedure described in the by-laws
Section 3.       Any member may be expelled from the Association for cause as described in the by-laws.



Section 1.       The elected officers of the Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Technical Resource Officer, Event Coordinator, and Historian. They must be Active Members of the Association. Each shall be elected for a term of 2 years.



Section 1.       There shall be a Council which shall consist of the Officers of the Association.
Section 2.       The Council shall manage the affairs of the Association. The Council shall be responsible for the investment and care of the funds of the Association.
Section 3.       The Council shall prepare and adopt a series of By-Laws, which shall govern all procedures under this Constitution, including those of the Council and the Committees.
Section 4.       Four Active Members of the Council shall constitute a quorum at any Regular or Special Meeting of the Council.



Section 1.       Elections shall be held for the following positions of the Association: President, Vice President, Secretary, Technical Resource Officer, Event Coordinator, and Historian.
Section 2.       Any Active Member can nominate another Active Member or one’s self.  The names of such nominees shall be placed on the official ballot provided that the nomination for Officer(s) is received by the Secretary no later than three weeks prior to the election. The Council shall have the responsibility of certifying the validity of the nominations. 
Section 3.       Each election, upon receipt of all nominations received by the Secretary, the Council shall authorize a slate of nominees for the elective positions.
Section 4.      
(a)        Election of Officers shall be by a plurality vote of individual ballots.
(b)       The ballots shall be sent to all Active Members three (3) weeks before the ballots must be submitted.
(c)        Each Active Member who votes shall indicate on the ballot the names of those for whom the Member wishes to vote. Each Active Member may only vote for one candidate for each position. The ballot shall be returned to the Secretary.
(d)       The ballots must be submitted to the Secretary before the 2nd Tuesday of September. No ballots submitted after that date shall be valid.
Section 5.       The Council shall have the responsibility for seeing that the election is held according to the provisions of this Constitution and for certifying the results thereof.
Section 6.       In the event of a tie for any office, the Council shall vote on the candidates so tied. A majority vote of the Council members present is necessary for election.
Section 7.       Elective offices which become vacant shall be filled by appointment by the Council for the remainder of the current term.
Section 8.       Officers shall begin their term on November 1 following the election.



Section 1.       The meetings of the Council shall be held at such times and places as may be selected by the Council. A minimum of two (2) Meetings must be held each year.
Section 2.       Voting at the meetings of the Council shall be limited to Council Members. The procedure shall be as described in the By-Laws.
Section 3.       Meetings shall be held at such times that any Four (4) members of the Council may determine, but only on thirty (30) days notice to all members of the Council. The method of calling Meetings shall be specified in the By-Laws.
Section 4.       Four (4) Members of the Council shall constitute a quorum at any Meeting of the Council.


Section 1.       Committees, as may be desirable, shall be appointed by the Council in accordance with the provisions set forth in the By-Laws.


Section 1.       Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by:
(a)        A majority vote of the Council, or
(b)       A petition signed by at least thirty (30) Active Members of the Association.
Section 2.       Proposed amendments shall be sent by the Secretary to each Active Member at least 60 days prior to a Meeting of the Council. The communication shall include a ballot. A Tellers Committee, appointed by the Council, shall be instructed to report the results of the balloting at the said Council Meeting.
Section 3.       An amendment shall become effective only upon receiving affirmative votes of two-thirds of the total votes cast by Active Members of the Association. No ballots received after the opening of the Meeting of the Council shall be valid.