New Website Design!

Hey everyone! The WAA had our first meeting in a while and decided (among other things) that it was time to refresh the website design. Our old one had a definite “2011 Generic WordPress Blog” look to it. Hope you like it!


WCPR 60th Anniversary celebration is a go!

The WCPR 60 Anniversary celebration is upon us! Come join us at the Ruesterholz Admission Center from 5 to 6:30 on Saturday, June 1. (That’s the building next to Howe.) There will be appetizers and a free bar. The event will be held as part of Stevens Alumni Weekend.

If you plan on attending, please make sure to register for the event at There will also undoubtedly be a large WCPR turnout at the Beer Tasting, so sign up and join us there if beer, trivia, and plastic cup tower construction are your thing.

2016 WAA Election results

Time for election results! Not the US presidential ones, but our own WAA officers. I was late in posting these results, and it’s entirely coincidental that I’m posting them today, so we’ll be ignoring any claims of tampering by Russia, or that the whole system is rigged, OK?

WAA would like to (belatedly) announce the latest WAA officers for the 2016 elections:

President – Mike Bocchinfuso
Vice President – Sue D’Addio
Secretary – Nicholas Barresi
Technical Resource Officer– Imran Merali
Event Coordinator – Stan Switalski
Historian- Derek Ives

Congratulations to everyone who won, and many thanks to everyone who ran and voted!


Broadcasting Through Adversity panel brings crisis experts to Stevens

“When disaster strikes, how do we keep the public informed?” was the question asked by the WCPR Alumni Association. On Wednesday, October 14, in the Bissinger Room, we heard the answers during our “Broadcasting Through Adversity” panel discussion.

Coordinated by WAA’s Technical Resource Officer Robert May, Class of 2013, and cohosted with the Stevens Alumni Association and Stevens Career Center, several key representatives from the fields of broadcasting and journalism came together to provide unique insight into how broadcasting infrastructure is maintained and secured during times of crisis. The discussion topics ranged from the cell phone disruptions on September 11, to the reliability of ham radio during Hurricane Sandy, to the necessity of contingency drills. The panelists discussed the (leadership qualities that shine in times of emergency and even how disaster can spur new developments in telecommunications and broadcasting.

Photos by Nick Gonzalez, class of 2014.


Lisa Pedrogo, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and Implementation, CNN



Scott Griffin, Principal and VP of Engineering and Technology, The Systems Group

Chris Tobin, former Chief Engineer, 1010 WINS

Bob Desiato, Director of Disaster Recovery, AT&T

Jeff Kinney, Director of Field Operations/Chief Photographer, CNN

Website upgrades

We’ve just upgraded the site to use SSL. Why? Because we’re fancy and we like our privacy. And the little green lock icon is cool. Check it out!

Plus we can post our updates to Facebook and Twitter automatically, so you can get your WCPR Alumni Association news there too.

From the Vault – Light Show and Dance

WCPR’s Light Show and Dance (or Dance and Light Show) was a Stevens institution for years, and we’ve still got some of the old posters lying around the archives. They’re a great time capsule for a few reasons:

1) The hand-drawn art is pretty fantastic; today’s event posters are all computer-made and lack a certain je ne sais quois.

img0102013-08-10 004

2) WCPR used to charge entrance fees for parties, which is no longer done. And the fees are pretty reasonable, even for 70’s and 80’s prices.


3) The discounted ticket prices for females show that some things never change – the Ratio is as much a frustration today as it was back then, so WCPR members took it upon themselves to incentivize the fairer sex to attend.


A bonus – here’s a Stute article describing the full-sensory experience of one of the Dance and Light Shows from the 70’s.