From The Vault – Top 100 “B-Sides”

Based on a hot tip from our own Ron Harris, we re-examined the back side of the Top 100 of 1969 document we presented on this blog. And guess what we found?


Who are THESE handsome gentlemen? Actually, no need to ask – their names are all provided, along with the programming schedule from that semester! It also explains why Ron was interested in the back of the Top 100 – his photo is in the lower left.

This is an excellent artifact of the era – the old logo, the show schedule, a list of the Board of Directors, and photos of WCPR members from the day. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction, Ron!

Thanks to Matt Corrado for scanning this for us!

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  1. You say: “This is an excellent artifact of the era…”, but the TRUE artifacts are the eight of us on the cover…!
    (Remember, this was a booklet, folded in half so our pictures were on the cover, That may also explain why there were so many leftovers!)
    — R the H

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