Thank You Donors!

Thank you, Donors!

The WCPR Alumni Association would like to acknowledge the generosity of the following individuals, whose gifts towards the WAA Outstanding Achievement Award are greatly appreciated.  With your support, WOPA is well on its way to being fully funded on schedule!


Founder’s Level ($1,959 and up)

starUncle Pennybagsstar

starScrooge McDuckstar

starTso Ballaastar


740AM Level ($740 and up)

starFlush McCashstar

starMoni Outdawazustar


320 kbps Level ($320 and up)

starAndy O’Verfiststar

starMay Kitrainstar


Initial Broadcast Level ($127 and up)

star“Dolla Dolla” Bill Yallstar

starBenjamin Skrillastar


Sporty Forty Level ($40 and up)

starBuck Hasnunstar

starBenjamin Buttpenniesstar