Broadcasting Through Adversity – October 14, 2015 @ 6 PM

When disaster strikes, how do we keep the public informed?

Broadcasting systems can be as vulnerable as we are, yet they have a crucial job supporting our communications. How have we evolved and created systems that can continue running through severe weather, terror, or other disasters?

The WCPR Alumni Association is looking to answer that question with “Broadcasting Through Adversity” – a panel discussion featuring broadcast industry leaders sharing their experiences and ideas about creating reliable, sustainable systems.

Join us on October 14 in the Bissinger Room, from 6-8pm as we discuss the past and future of broadcast systems with a panel featuring:

Richard Palestri, Director of Implementation, NBC
Bob Desiato, Director of AT&T Disaster Recovery
Chris Tobin, former Chief Engineer, 1010 WINS
Jeff Kinney, Director of Field Operations/Chief Photographer, CNN


The event is free, but please take a moment to register at

Website upgrades

We’ve just upgraded the site to use SSL. Why? Because we’re fancy and we like our privacy. And the little green lock icon is cool. Check it out!

Plus we can post our updates to Facebook and Twitter automatically, so you can get your WCPR Alumni Association news there too.

WAA Council Candidates

These are the candidates for the WCPR Alumni Association Council. Members, please email your votes from your primary email address to by October 3rd!

For each position, please select only one candidate. Please indicate your name and class year.


Spencer Morasch ‘78

Michael Bocchinfuso ‘08

Vice President

Michael Bocchinfuso ‘08

Matthew Keyser ‘09

Scott Orshan ‘77

Derek Ives ‘08


Nicholas Barresi ‘12

David Cabrita ‘13

Imran Merali ‘07

Technical Resource Officer

Paul Rea ‘06

Imran Merali ‘07

Rob May ‘13

Event Coordinator

Dana DeSantis ‘14


Derek Ives ‘08

David Cabrita ‘13

Imran Merali ‘07

Matthew Keyser ‘09

Happy Hour Meetup at the Pilsener Haus in Hoboken!

We’re kicking off the Oktoberfest season a week early with a happy hour meetup at the Pilsener Haus beer garden in Hoboken!

Come out on September 13th from 5 PM onward and enjoy some excellent food and drink, meet up with your old friends and maybe even make some new ones all while enjoying some (hopefully) lovely weather. If it rains, we will relocate indoors.

Note that while there is no registration fee (it will be pay-your-own-way with food & drink), please try to make your response as definite as possible, so we can reserve the proper amount of space.


Details here:

Undergrad Update – New Record Library Shelves

In the inaugural issue of the WCPR Alumni Newsletter, the Undergrad Update mentioned that the station had invested in new shelves for the record library, since the old ones were starting to bow under the weight of the collection. You asked and now we’re gonna deliver – here’s some photos!

Sweet shelves for drastic plastic!
Sweet shelves for drastic plastic!
New shelves in the record library
New shelves in the record library

Not bad, right? Kudos to the undergrads for giving the shelves an upgrade. Now if you could only convince Stevens to do something about that floor…

Thanks to Matt Corrado for the photos

From The Vault – Top 100 “B-Sides”

Based on a hot tip from our own Ron Harris, we re-examined the back side of the Top 100 of 1969 document we presented on this blog. And guess what we found?


Who are THESE handsome gentlemen? Actually, no need to ask – their names are all provided, along with the programming schedule from that semester! It also explains why Ron was interested in the back of the Top 100 – his photo is in the lower left.

This is an excellent artifact of the era – the old logo, the show schedule, a list of the Board of Directors, and photos of WCPR members from the day. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction, Ron!

Thanks to Matt Corrado for scanning this for us!

WCPR Happy Hour at Finegan’s – 1/24

WCPR Happy Hour at Finegan’s

Friday, January 24 at 7 PM

734 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Come join the WCPR Alumni Association in kicking off its 2014 calendar of events with a Happy Hour meet-up on Friday, 01/24 at Finegan’s (formerly Rogo’s) in Hoboken at 7PM.
Everyone, including current students (21+ of course), is welcome to attend and no formal RSVP is necessary. We’ll be in the back room with some identifiable WCPR gear on. Come by, reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and have fun!

We are always open to suggestions for more locations to host future events, as well as ideas for events – so please let us know if you have any ideas!


From the Vault – Light Show and Dance

WCPR’s Light Show and Dance (or Dance and Light Show) was a Stevens institution for years, and we’ve still got some of the old posters lying around the archives. They’re a great time capsule for a few reasons:

1) The hand-drawn art is pretty fantastic; today’s event posters are all computer-made and lack a certain je ne sais quois.

img0102013-08-10 004

2) WCPR used to charge entrance fees for parties, which is no longer done. And the fees are pretty reasonable, even for 70’s and 80’s prices.


3) The discounted ticket prices for females show that some things never change – the Ratio is as much a frustration today as it was back then, so WCPR members took it upon themselves to incentivize the fairer sex to attend.


A bonus – here’s a Stute article describing the full-sensory experience of one of the Dance and Light Shows from the 70’s.


From the Vault – Top Hits of 1969


Matt (the current WAA historian and half a webmaster) here. I’m starting a new series of posts featuring documents found in the WCPR archives. Each document has been lovingly scanned for your viewing pleasure.

2013-08-10 009
Starting things off with a blast from the past, this document from the WCPR vault shows the top 100 hits for 1969. And what a year it was (besides the important political and historical stuff)!

  • The Doors, The Stones, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Blood Sweat and Tears dominated the charts. Also up there were The Zombies, Johnny Cash, Three Dog Night, Creedence Clearwater Revivial, The Supremes…the list goes on and on (but luckily only for 100 songs.)
  • The Bee Gees were just showing up on the charts (and hadn’t made the move to Disco yet!)
  • Henry Mancini and His Orchestra was in the top 10 with “Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet”, though you may know him from his themes to “The Pink Panther” and “Peter Gunn,” as well as over 100 movie themes for Universal Pictures.
  • The Edwin Hawkins Singers had a hit with “Oh Happy Day”…yeah, remember that one?

Take a look and lets us know in the comments if you’ve got any memories from that era of WCPR. Or, if you weren’t born in 1969, let us know if you’re still listening to any of this music, or if it all makes your ears bleed.

Note: All disparaging comments about The Doors will be judged and found wanting.



Stacks of wax and drastic plastic, for all you daddy-os on the radios…

Welcome to the WCPR Alumni Association website! We formed WAA so that WCPR alums could get together, enjoy the company of friends and make new ones, and support the undergrad WCPR members and the station as a whole. WAA is also in charge of the WCPR Outstanding Performance Award (WOPA) which is a scholarship for WCPR undergrads who go above and beyond in their efforts to sustain and improve the station.
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